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  • tion of peo○ple accounts ●for just a small○ proportion of so■ciety's total ene
  • ◆rgy consumption. H●owever, the u●ltimate purpose of● these industrie〓s is to
  • provide◆ services to◆ the public. ◆So the publ◆ic plays a v■ery important ro

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to● drive up 〓rural consumption〓.The Chinese governm〓ent will provide■ a 13 percent subsid●y to all rural buye◆rs of home appli■ances, including co◆lor TVs, re◆frigerators,■ mobile phones, was●hing machines● and freezers.In so●me provinces, f■armers who ◆have purchas〓ed appliances are b●eing given a f◆ree service to incr●ease their e○lectricity capacity.■Jiang

Taichun, far○mer of Shaoyang, Hun■an Province, says, "●enjoying subsidy a●nd electricity● service, we are● feeling con◆fident enough to ◆buy more home■ appliances."○A trial scheme in ●12 province○s has boosted ◆home appliance sales■

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.The Comme○rce Ministry said th◆at in the ■first 20 days of ●January,

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Chinese■ farmers bought○ more than 160-tho○usand appliances ○with governm●ent subsidies, ◆90 percent of Dec●ember

's total.The G■overnment s●ays more it◆ems will b●e added to the■ list if nec●essary, calling f●or the expansio

n〓 of chain stores in〓 rural areas an●d better delivery a〓nd billing s●ystems.Related○ stories:BE●IJING

, March 1●6 (Xinhua)〓 -- The following● is the fu■ll text of● the Report o■n the Implementati■o

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n of the 2009 P○lan for National■ Economic and ■Social Development a●nd on the 2◆010 Dr

aft Plan for N○ational Econ○omic and S■ocial Development■, which was submitt○ed on March 5 for◆ review

at the ○Third Session of ●the 11th Natio○nal People's Cong■ress and was adopted〓 on March 14. Fel●low Deputie

s,● The Nationa●l Development ◆and Reform Com〓mission ha〓s been entru●sted by the State○ Council to● report on


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mplementatio〓n of the 2

009 〓plan for nat

ional ec○onomic and soci?/p>

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